At Flow Dry, a set of core values serves to guide the company's everyday business-to-business interactions.

Our quality policy is our foundation for serving the customer and is as follows:

For all our products including Gaskets, Automotive Desiccants, Pharmaceutical & Medical Desiccants and SorbaTech, quality is the driving force behind the success of Flow Dry Technology.

Customer Focus

Flow Dry has built its success on the foundation of listening intensely to understand customer requirements and communicate our capability to meet those requirements to the best of our ability.

Value Our Associates

Flow Dry employees are the driving force in our success. We are committed to ensuring our associates are provided a work environment where they are treated with dignity and respect while promoting employee development, collaboration, open communication and teamwork.


Flow Dry strives to build a culture based on innovation to provide customers with technologically advanced products and processes to solve their problems.

Continuous Improvement

Flow Dry is dedicated to our continuous focus on improving our processes, products, and services to serve our customers more effectively.


Flow Dry will endeavor to achieve world-class PPM levels through processes, team-oriented problem solving, advanced quality planning and quality operating systems.


Flow Dry will remain steadfast in our commitment to conduct business and promote relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers that are fair, honest, and ethical.

Commitment to Stakeholders

Flow Dry will deliver sustained profitable growth to be reinvested in the company for the benefit of customers, employees, suppliers, and all other stakeholders.

Evolving Capabilities

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Automotive Solutions

Desiccant solutions that solve complex moisture problems in the automotive industry

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Desiccants for pharmaceutical applications

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