Automotive & AC Desiccant Cartridges

A revolutionary desiccant for automotive air conditioning.

FlowDry’s unique cartridge design eliminates loose fill desiccant bags with a more reliable, flexible, and cheaper to install solution. Saving assembly you time, and money.

Applications & Benefits

Flexible Usage With Variable Fill Volumes of Desiccant. Our patent-pending adjustable cartridge lid adapts to a range of different desiccant volumes and weights

  • Fewer Components for Streamlined Assembly
  • Reduces your operation to one part and one step.
  • Pre Assembled and Sealed Desiccant filters and tracer wafers for maximum moisture protection.
  • Made in USA in a climate-controlled environment.
  • Streamlines assembly and leaves you with one operation – drop the cartridge into the receiver.

As well as our main line of products we can also design, prototype and even test customized solutions.

Automotive Solutions

Desiccant solutions that solve complex moisture problems in the automotive industry


Desiccants for pharmaceutical applications

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