Pharma & Nurtaceutical Solutions

Moisture/Gas Control in Healthcare Applications.

The presence of moisture, and other volatiles, in packaging can pose a critical challenge to the stability and long-term shelf life of many healthcare products. We provide a wide range of standard products to manage moisture and volatiles and extend the shelf life of your products. There are many factors to consider in improving shelf life of products

Applications & Benefits

Our packaging professionals and engineers will work with you to understand your product stability issues, and then provide a cost-effective and reliable solution. If an off-the-shelf solution is not available for your particular moisture/gas control needs, we will work with you to develop a product tailored to your specific requirement.

  • Protecting Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical goods from moisture and volatiles.
  • Available in Activated Carbon, Silica Gel, Clay, Molecular Sieve, or blends.

As well as our main line of products we can also design, prototype and even test customized solutions.

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Automotive Solutions

Desiccant solutions that solve complex moisture problems in the automotive industry

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Desiccants for pharmaceutical applications

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