Custom Products

Customized and Innovative Solutions to Seal, Dry and Protect your Product from Moisture, Gas and Odors.

At Flow Dry Technology, we make a range of products including desiccants, SorbaTech, Gaskets, Plugs and even Tracer Wafers all of which are designed to seal, dry and protect your products, packaging and equipment.

Applications & Benefits

Flow Dry’s core competency is providing adsorbent solutions for controlling and/or modifying the atmosphere within an enclosed environment. Flow Dry engineering and rapid prototyping experience and capabilities can quickly translate an adsorbent concept into an adsorbent solution.

  • Protecting Pharmaceutical goods from moisture.
  • Preserving/extending the active shelf life of medical diagnostics.
  • Extensive use of gaskets and desiccants in the motor industry.
  • Protecting products during transit and storage from moisture.
  • Desiccants for protecting electrical hardware within it’s packaging from gas contaminants and moisture damage.
  • Low & High Quantity Production Runs

As well as our main line of products we can also design, prototype and even test customized solutions.

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Automotive Solutions

Desiccant solutions that solve complex moisture problems in the automotive industry

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Desiccants for pharmaceutical applications

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