SorbaTech Adsorbent Products

Adsorbent products consisting of packets, strip packs and bags.

Flow Dry Technology offers a variety of SorbaTech® adsorbent products consisting of packets, strip packs and bags. All of these products are comprised of a sorbent fill (usually silica gel, molecular sieve, clay or activated carbon) contained in a durable, non-dusting Tyvek® fabric that is suitable for contact with food. Other sorbent fills and combinations are possible.

Applications & Benefits

The potential applications of these solutions to moisture, contaminant and flow control are widespread across many different industries. Below are just some of the applications of Flow Dry Technology’s product.

  • The three main product configurations are packets, strip packs and bags
  • Packets range in fill weight from 1/4g to 10g. They are used typically in manufacturing processes where the desiccant is inserted into the product or the container manually.
  • Strip packs range in fill weight from 1/4g to 5g. Strip packs come on spools and are use on automated lines using automated cutters to place individual desiccants in bottles on an automated line. The number of desiccants on a spool varies by the weight of the desiccant fill.
  • Bags range in fill weight from approximately 10g (1/3 unit) to 1 pound (16 units) for Unit bags. These are used for general desiccation, but they can be used in nutraceutical containers, ingredient drums, and also for large box packaging. Cargo bags range in weight from 500g to 1500g typically. These desiccant bags are used most often in shipping containers to prevent condensation of moisture in transit by sea.

As well as our main line of products we can also design, prototype and even test customized solutions.

Automotive Solutions

Desiccant solutions that solve complex moisture problems in the automotive industry


Desiccants for pharmaceutical applications

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