SorbaTech® Strip Packets For Automated Desiccant Dispensers

sorbatech spool strip of bags on a spool We offer a complete line of SorbaTech® strip packets for use with automated desiccant packet feeding systems. SorbaTech® strip packets are typically wound on a spool for easy feed to dispensers; however, strip packets can also be fan folded in a box. Strip packets range in size from 0.25 grams to 5 grams for typical applications.

SorbaTech® strip packets are made with durable, non-dusting, Tyvek® cover stock material and filled with the right adsorbent or adsorbent blend for the task of removing moisture vapor, odors, or other gases in your application. The main options for sorbent fills are:

Which adsorbent is best? Flow Dry engineers are problem solvers and will work with you to understand your need and help you select the right adsorbent.

SorbaTech® packets are offered in a variety of standard sizes and adsorbent fills, or we can design a custom product to meet a specific desiccant need.

Features of Desiccant Strip Packets:

Packet Material: