About Us

Flow Dry Technology was established in 1946 in Dayton, Ohio under the name Stanhope Products. Originally a gasket fabrication company, we entered the desiccant market in 1974. Today we have desiccant plants in the U.S., Hungary and China.

global supply chain

Global Operations and Supply Chain

With facilities in the U.S., Hungary and China, we can manufacture components on the same continent as most of our customers’ factories, reducing the risk that our customers’ desiccant components will absorb moisture during transport. This leaves our customers less vulnerable to quality risks, enabling them to eliminate incoming inspections and reduce scrap. Our global footprint enables us to maintain strong relationships with suppliers the world over.  

Advanced R&D Capabilities/”We partner with customers” 

Our PhD-led team leads the industry at inventing desiccant technologies that transcend traditional silica gel packets, such as Opticlear – the desiccant that resets itself so that it does not need to be replaced, as well as IDB and Polysorb – solid form desiccants.

We partner with our customers to customize our technologies to the dimensions and specifications of their products, leveraging in-house tooling and rapid prototyping capabilities to quickly deliver.

Trusted Manufacturing

Global manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Automated desiccant bag production
  • Advanced injection molding, including filter and plug manufacture capabilities and felt/mesh overmold capabilities
  • Assembly services with cells designed and built to customer specifications

Additionally, at our U.S. site, we offer:

  • Automated desiccant packet production
  • Stamping capabilities compatible with metal gaskets, bottle cap liners, rubber and peel-n-stick foam
Plastic Injection Molding Workshop

Our Process

  1. At least one of our Product Development Engineers will discuss your application to understand whether an off the shelf product will address your needs or if a custom solution is more appropriate.
  2. If a custom solution is the best option, our Engineers will review your design if you have one or work with you to develop one. We collaborate with your technical team to determine the best performing, most cost-effective solution.
    1. We have access to several different desiccant technologies. Our engineers will recommend the best option for your application.
    2. If your ideal solution requires plastic components, we can support production with our in-house plastic injection molding capabilities. Our team has extensive experience with desiccant assemblies with plastic components and will review designs and work with mold suppliers to ensure manufacturability and tool longevity.
  3. Once design is frozen, we work with both internal and external suppliers to deliver tools to manufacture your parts. We also ensure your packaging and labeling requirements are defined and work to understand any other specific requirements you have for your parts.
  4. Our engineers partner with production staff to manufacture trial parts. We ensure all requirements are met via our APQP process.
  5. We provide you parts for inspection and submit a PPAP package, if required.
  6. We schedule your parts for production and begin shipping.

We partner with our customers to customize our technologies to the dimensions and specifications of their products, leveraging in-house tooling and rapid prototyping capabilities to quickly deliver. 

High Quality Standards 

Flow Dry maintains the following quality certificates and standards:

Our quality system is founded in the IATF 16949 requirements, which guide our business. Our dedicated team of quality experts work tirelessly to ensure we: 

  • Build quality into process 
  • Properly establish and maintain quality procedures and related documentation 
  • Conduct audits of processes and products 
  • Promote continuous improvement and quality awareness within and across all our sites globally