Use Cases

air bag

Airbag Inflators

In 2016, Takata was ordered to recall millions of airbags because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that moisture exposure and temperature cycling degraded the propellant, potentially causing an inflator explosion. Initially the industry responded by pouring loose molecular sieve beads into vulnerable inflators,  preventing moisture-driven degradation – but also creating a risk of bead […]

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automotive HVAC

Automotive HVAC Systems

Most A/C systems depend on desiccants to keep the refrigerant and compressor lubricant dry and running in tip-top shape. Without the desiccant, water can accumulate in the system, leading to ice formation and blockages or corrosion of critical components. Water is incredibly destructive to A/C systems and must be eliminated for the life of the […]

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Electric Vehicle Batteries

EV Batteries

EV battery assemblies are generally packaged within a protective housing that ensures individual cells maintain proper electrical connectivity and prevents water and debris from creating electrical short circuits or damaging critical components. Since these assemblies can generate substantial heat during charge/discharge cycles, the housing must be vented to allow air pressure to equalize and prevent […]

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electric vehicle charging station

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are installed outside, often with no roof above them to protect them from the elements. They are extremely vulnerable to moisture accumulation. To preserve their longevity, it is critical to place a desiccant inside them.  A traditional desiccant solution such as a desiccant bag drives up the cost of maintaining a […]

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automotive headlamp


The number one driver of warranty returns in headlamps is moisture accumulation. When water vapor condenses inside headlamps, it spoils vehicle appearance, frustrates consumers, affects road visibility, creates potential safety risks, and leads to costly warranty claims.  OEM’s and their suppliers have been searching for the right solution, but nothing has proven effective over the […]

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hearing aid

Hearing Aids

During the day, hearing aids are exposed to moisture from a variety of sources: sweat, ambient humidity, and even rain. To extend the life of a hearing aid, it’s critical to store the device in a desiccating enclosure at night. This allows accumulated moisture to be removed, protecting the sensitive electronics and prolonging device life. […]

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lidar sensors

LiDAR and Cameras

LiDAR and camera sensors are a critical element in many autonomous vehicle platforms. As these sensors literally allow the computer to “see” the world around the vehicle, safety and performance can be compromised by moisture inside the assembly.  PolySorb can be molded to fit inside LiDAR and camera sensor packages, potentially replacing existing plastic components […]

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