Airbag Inflators

In 2016, Takata was ordered to recall millions of airbags because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that moisture exposure and temperature cycling degraded the propellant, potentially causing an inflator explosion. 

Initially the industry responded by pouring loose molecular sieve beads into vulnerable inflators,  preventing moisture-driven degradation – but also creating a risk of bead escape in cars and bead spills on factory floors.  

With PolySorb, airbag inflator manufacturers are able to install one solid injection molded component instead of loose desiccant beads, simplifying installation and eliminating bead handling challenges. 


LiDAR and Cameras

LiDAR sensors and cameras are critical elements in many autonomous vehicle platforms. As these sensors literally allow the computer to “see” the world around the vehicle, safety and performance can be compromised by moisture inside the assembly. 

PolySorb can be molded to fit inside the sensor package, potentially replacing existing plastic components or even becoming the inner layer of the enclosure itself. PolySorb tightly locks away water, preventing its release upon heating during operation or solar irradiation. 

PolySorb is the best desiccant option for protecting your critical sensor assemblies from moisture. 


Automotive HVAC Systems

Many automotive A/C system desiccant solutions incorporate plastic components. With ever-increasing constraints on available system volume to house desiccant, PolySorb offers a clever way to add water capacity without adding primary desiccant or reconfiguring the system design.

If your desiccant assembly or filter is made of inactive polymers like PP or PA, we can supply identical parts molded from PolySorb that will increase your overall water adsorption capacity. This advanced material enables challenging system designs without sacrificing moisture protection.

Integrate PolySorb® Into Your Product

Our product team can help you create an Polysorb® component that fits your product’s design.