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Flow Dry manufactures conventional silica gel and molecular sieve packets and unit bags at our plant in Ohio, enabling us to provide U.S. customers with reduced lead times and higher reliability than competitors with factories overseas.  

Our products are used to preserve the dryness of a range of products, including medical devices, metal parts, advanced electronics, vitamins, and prescription drugs.  

We offer packets in both cut formats and strip formats compatible with major packet dispensing machines.  

Why Add Desiccants to Packaging

Even the tightest sealed, plastic bottle can let in moisture, shortening the shelf life of the product inside

  • Moisture naturally exists in the air sealed in the package’s headspace, as well as in the product itself
  • Moisture transmits through packaging material – including plastic resin
  • Moisture transmits through imperfections in the package’s seal

Silica gel is a highly porous substance that traps water molecules in its pores – so that it does not get absorbed by your product.

Marketing Resources for Packaging Specialists

If you are a Packaging Specialist or Sales Representatives, silica gel packets represent an excellent opportunity to increase your total revenue while saving your customers money by preventing inventory spoilage. If this product category is new for you, we can recommend the right size of silica gel packet for your customer’s packaging, enabling you to proactively offer a packet as a value add.

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