cargo bag dessicant

What is container rain?

When container ships travel around the world, they pass through a range of temperatures. When a container ship moves from a hot, humid environment (like Malaysia) to a cold, dry environment (like Canada), moisture releases from the air and condense as water droplets over the course of the journey — just like it condenses on your window pane at home on a cold day.   

Container rain is a top driver of losses in the shipping industry. Approximately 10% of cargo is discarded annually due to moisture damage.  

Flow Dry’s container bags are designed to absorb moisture as it releases into the air – so that your products do not. 

High Humidity

  • loading in humid environments
  • products with high moisture content
  • package and dunnage with high moisture content


Temperature Drop

  • drop when shipped to colder climates
  • drop due to cold front
  • drop with day-to-night temperature fluctuations



  • when temperature drops below dew point
  • when moisture condenses from vapor to liquid
  • when colder air can no longer hold moisture
  • Absorb up to 100% of their weight in moisture
  • Clean, non-dusting bag made with DuptonTM Tyvek®
  • Save time in installation using the sturdy plastic hook
  • Protect goods of all types from corrosion, mold, mildew and rust
  • Each bag contains 1500 grams of desiccant blend
  • Each bag is 14.5-inch long x 6.5-inch wide
  • Sorbatech® Container Bags are supplied by the case (10 bags each)
  • One case protects a 20-foot GP container; two cases protect a 40-foot GP container
  • Full skid quantities of 60 cases available for easy handling

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