Desiccant Packets and Unit Bags

Flow Dry manufactures conventional silica gel and molecular sieve packets and unit bags under the Sorbatech® brand. We maintain packet and unit bag manufacturing operations exclusively at our plant in Ohio, enabling us to provide U.S. customers with reduced lead times and higher reliability than competitors with factories overseas.  

We are particularly well known for our differentiated ability to efficiently manufacture large packets and bags, enabled by our years of experience producing large desiccant bags for the automotive industry.  

Our products are used to preserve the dryness of a range of products, including medical devices, metal parts, advanced electronics, vitamins, and prescription drugs.  

We also have capabilities to contract manufacture packets and bags with alternative fills, such as anti-corrosion agents and scented agents. 


0.25g, 0.50g, 1g, 2g, 3g, 5g, 10g

Capabilities to produce up to 1lb (10 unit) bags on request


Cut packets

Strip packets


Silica Gel

Molecular Sieve


Non-dusting Tyvek®

Cost saving non-wovens

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