Hearing Aids

Flow Dry can manufacture custom desiccant products that extend the life of hearing aids.

During the day, hearing aids are exposed to moisture from a variety of sources: sweat, ambient humidity, and even rain.

To extend the life of a hearing aid, it’s critical to store the device in a desiccating enclosure at night. This allows accumulated moisture to be removed, protecting the sensitive electronics and prolonging device life.

Flow Dry is a leading contract manufacturer of desiccants for hearing aids. We injection mold vented plastic containers on premises at our facility in Ohio, then fill them with desiccant bead and seal them. Since these components are housed in plastic, they are very easy for consumers to use.

One of the team members manufacturing our hearing aid desiccants previously worked as a teacher for deaf children in Vietnam. She joined our team because she needed to work while she secured her teaching license in the U.S. She was excited to find a job that kept her connected to her vocational passion. In this video, she explains how our products help her students.

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