Decades of experience in desiccants gives Flow Dry an advantage. We know how to fix complex problems quickly. We know how to keep a supply chain moving and our customer’s working.


OptiClear® is an advanced desiccant technology that does not need periodic replacement like conventional desiccants. The clever design integrates a novel valve system that leverages small changes in temperature to dry the desiccant in place.  


PolySorb® is an injection molded solid desiccant that feels and functions like a piece of plastic. It is processed like any moldable polymer, so you can form any shape you want and leverage it both as a desiccant and a structural component.



IDB is a solid desiccant that feels like a ceramic. With higher adsorption capacity than conventional desiccant materials, it enables you to achieve desired performance while using less space.  

HVAC Bags and Assemblies

Flow Dry manufactures desiccant bags, cartridges, and assemblies for the automotive industry. With 50 years experience, we are highly trusted by automotive Tier 1’s and Tier 2’s with high quality standards.

Custom Desiccant Parts

Flow Dry maintains injection molding operations at all three of its locations. Initially launched to service the needs of automotive customers who wanted to receive their desiccant components pre-installed in plastic assemblies, these operations uniquely position us to service customers across industries who seek desiccant-filled plastics components.

Desiccant Packets

Flow Dry manufactures conventional silica gel and molecular sieve packets and unit bags. We maintain packet and unit bag manufacturing operations exclusively at our plant in Ohio, enabling us to provide U.S. customers with reduced lead times and higher reliability than competitors with factories overseas. 

cargo bag dessicant

Container Bags

Our shipping container desiccants, also known as “cargo bags,” are installed in shipping containers, protecting your products from the phenomenon of container rain.


Die Cut Products

Though the majority of our business today is in desiccants, we continue to manufacture gaskets and other die cut components at our facility in Ohio for major manufacturers in automotive, industrials, electronics, and packaging.