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Please fill out the form below to get in touch with us. You can also reach us by calling (937) 833-2161. 

If you are an automotive, industrial or electronics customer looking for a desiccant technology to integrate into your product, our engineers can help you pick the right technology, then design a component that fits. 

If you are a packaging customer, our sales representatives can help you identify the right desiccant packet from our standardized offering and provide a quote. They can also support you if you are interested in pursuing contract manufacturing with Flow Dry.  

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Flow Dry Technology, Inc.
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Flow Dry Kft.
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Flow Dry (Zhangjiagang) Packaging Products Co., Ltd
East Building C, No. 1059 Zhenbei Rd, Fenghuang Town Suzhou Jiangsu China 215613
Tel: +86 181-5108-5151
Tel: +86 0512-5840-5271
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